Tell us more about your company
The Cardiff Capital Region is one of the fastest growing, innovative and skilled city regions in the UK. The region is the driver of the Welsh economy, delivering more than half of its economic output, and home to a growing cluster of competitive knowledge-driven businesses. With over 70,000 university students, and some of the UK’s leading research institutions, the Cardiff Capital Region is clever, with a reputation of turning knowledge and innovation into cutting edge commercial activity creating sustainable success and thriving communities in South East Wales.

What are your businesses goals for the upcoming year ?
To become a more competitive, connected, and resilient region. Enable businesses within our priority sectors and our public services to achieve higher levels of productivity through innovation-led growth, investing in cutting-edge digital and physical infrastructure and grow the green economy and maximising ‘good growth’ by ensuring prosperity is shared and spread across the region and take direct steps to reduce inequality.

What is your favourite location in Torfaen or Monmouthshire? – This can be a local coffee shop/ park etc.
Pontypool Park in Torfaen is one of our favourite locations – the walks are  beautiful and the ski slope is great fun and Tintern Abbey in Monmouthshire because of the history of great poets and entrepreneurs, its awe-inspiring and appropriate since the daffodils are not out just yet!

What advice would you offer entrants to the awards?
Our advice to entrants is to keep being brave and bold. Growth won’t happen without getting out there, being brave and taking calculated risks. The Cardiff Capital Region is growing fast so it’s a great time to expand your network of contacts, be bold and reach out to build your network, who knows what great opportunities are waiting on the horizon!

What do you think are the most important qualities for success in business?
For a business to be successful, you need to have several things. Firstly, you need a unique offer, something which makes your business the only people to offer what you are offering. You don’t necessarily have to be the only business in your market, but you need to be able to stand out and be unique and recognisable. Secondly, you need strong support networks. In the Cardiff Capital Region, we have a strong history of collaboration and coming together to make things happen. It is the perfect place to build your support network which will help you thrive. Next is steady growth, a balanced mix of taking calculated risks to progress your journey accompanied by strong support pillars to help your business get back on its feet during tough times. This steady growth will also help cement your foundations in the region and will show others that you’re a strong, dependable business. As part of this steady growth is embracing all of the opportunities available to you. As you build out your support network and take calculated risks, you’ll find more and more opportunities become available to you, so instead of getting tunnel vision on your future goals, embrace different opportunities and try new things, these opportunities could help shape the future trajectory of your business. Finally, we live in such a fantastic place in the world that you need a positive work life balance – you need to sleep!

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